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The Best Scalp Micropigmentation Aftercare Products

After your scalp micropigmentation treatment, your confidence is restored, you look and feel great, and you haven’t smiled so much in years. Scalp micropigmentation is a revolutionary process that replicates the 3D growth of natural hair follicles on the scalp, and the experts at Hairline Ink have refined the process to be completed after just two treatments. The results are impressive, and you want to keep them that way as long as possible. That’s why we recommend you take a few precautions and treat your scalp micropigmentation with a few aftercare products.

Sun Damage

The sun generates UV rays that damage the scalp’s micropigmentation, causing it to fade more quickly. To achieve the longest-lasting results, we recommend sunscreen that is SPF 30 or higher. It’s important to remember that even if you can tan easily and do not usually experience sunburn, the UV rays still damage the scalp micropigmentation’s coloration.

Shiny Scalp

Sometimes our patients notice a slight shine on their scalp and want to prevent this from happening. Milk of Magnesia is easy to find, relatively cheap, and it’s an effective product for reducing any shine on the scalp. Max Anti-Shine Gel and HeadBlade HeadLube Matte Lotion are also effective at giving the scalp a more consistent appearance with the rest of your skin.


At least one week after your treatment, it is a good idea to begin moisturizing the scalp again. You need to wait at least one week because the scalp is still in the healing process during this time. Some patients are concerned with the getting the right kind of moisturizer, and they want to know how often they should do it. The important thing is that your scalp receives moisturizer a few times a week. Staying hydrated also helps prevent the scalp from drying out.

The experts at Hairline Ink are prepared to discuss any questions or concerns you might have about the scalp micropigmentation process. We have years of experience, and our small team of highly-qualified professionals leads the industry in customer satisfaction. Call us at (585) 318-2996 to learn more about our process today!

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