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What is the earliest case of male pattern baldness?

Hair loss can be one of the most devastating experiences for people, regardless of your age. Though we typically don’t expect hair loss to begin until at least the age of 21, there are some people that will lose their hair in their teen years.

The youngest documented case of male pattern baldness (that we currently know of) occurred in a fifteen-year-old teenage boy. Despite the fact that he was healthy in every other way, the child began noticing hair loss across his hairline. Before he knew it, he had large, unsightly bald patches and a crown of hair around the back of his neck. The poor teen lost all of his hair before he was even 21.

Hair loss at this age can have a host of consequences. We are a society that prides itself on our hair; hair thinning and hair loss of any kind may isolate us from communities and make us feel shamed or unwelcome. This can negatively affect our self-perception and can have us questioning our attractiveness and self-worth.

Though we sadly do not yet have a cure for male pattern baldness, there are a few solutions that are popular amongst the hair loss community. For example, a lot of people may recommend that you visit a hair restoration specialist, who may recommend hair transplants or other stimulating treatments. They may also prescribe medications like Rogaine or Mixodil in attempt to curb the hair loss. Unfortunately, these solutions can be expensive, and invasive, and most require constant upkeep.

The only permanent solution to male pattern baldness is a process called scalp micropigmentation. Unlike other medications, serums, and creams, scalp micropigmentation only requires two to three sessions to permanently give you the look of real 3D hair follicles and a full head of hair. At Hairline Ink, our special pigment is created based on your specific instructions and desired shade – meaning that your treatment is fully customizable to you. If you are tired of a balding scalp, call us at 585-250-0835 or visit our homepage today to schedule your initial consultation.

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