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Boiled Egg Hairloss

Fact or Fiction: Can eggs prevent baldness?

When you suffer from excess hair loss, you may feel the need to make a change immediately in order to put a stop to the loss. Inadequate nutrition is a common reason for hair loss, which is probably why so many foods are promoted as surefire ways to prevent baldness. Eggs, either eaten or massaged into the scalp, do actually have properties that can stop excess hair loss and potentially prevent baldness. Some of them include:

  • Protein: Your hair is made primarily of protein, so it is essential to eat enough protein in order to get your hair to stop shedding and grow instead. Eggs are good sources of protein that can promote hair growth and prevent baldness.
  • Fatty Acids: If you are less interested in eating eggs and instead want to use egg as a hair moisturizer, there may be benefits of doing so. Fatty acids found in eggs can nourish your hair and scalp, which leads to hair that is healthy and less likely to fall out.
  • Lecithin: Egg yolks contain lecithin, a fat that is important for building cell membranes. Some advocates of using eggs for hair growth believe that lecithin, either eaten or massaged onto the scalp, is one of the reasons egg is effective for preventing hair loss.

In order to make an egg mask for your hair, whisk together a couple of eggs with a fork, apply the mask to wet hair, and wash it out with cold water after half an hour or so. You can also try adding other ingredients to your masks, such as honey, olive oil, or yogurt. These can add moisture to your hair and scalp while strengthening your hair.

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