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Fact or Fiction: Can Stem Cells Treat My Hair Loss?

From hair transplants to laser treatments, there are many options for treating hair loss, but there are often questions about their effectiveness. One alternative that’s been discussed for some time now the use of stem cells to reverse the effects of hair loss. In the simplest terms, stem cells are cells that aren’t assigned to a specific role in the body. They can be used to replace damaged or lost cells, and in this case, hair follicles. Having a scientifically-studied alternative sounds promising, but does it work to treat hair loss?

Doctors have come a long way in using stem cells for treating diseases and other health problems, but now the spotlight turns to the treatment of hair loss. Earlier this year, UCLA researchers discovered that activating hair follicle stem cells can make hair grow again. This study has been successful, but it is important to note that the study was conducted only on mice. Regardless, it shows promise in promoting hair loss for millions of men and women that suffer from uncontrollable factors like alopecia and pattern baldness.

Going back to the question, “can stem cells treat my hair loss?” it appears the answer may be fact over fiction. While more stem cell research is needed, we could be seeing a solid solution sometime in the future. However, it won’t be as accessible and cost-effective as other alternatives with a whopping price tag starting at over $10,000. All in all, stem cells may prove to be an effective route treatment for hair loss, but until the FDA approves it and the success rate for humans increases, it has to remain in the category of “promising research.”

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